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culture sector recovery for migrants

Migrant voices and leadership are missing from current culture sector recovery conversations and initiatives in the UK. Yet, migrants make culture.

Migrants In Culture and partners have produced a document with 12 actions for recovery. It educates on, and advocates for, a recovery of the UK culture sector that is shaped by the experiences, needs and leadership of migrants and those most marginalised in our sector.

Our experiences offer an intersectional lens to analyse how structural racism, the legacies of empire, colonialism and state violence including border controls, impacts on the production of culture and the sector’s treatment of culture workers who are Black, people of colour, working class, queer and disabled.

disseminate, advocate and enact 

You can download the document here and share our 12 demands on instagram and twitter


It includes: 

01 Who is a migrant 

02 What does recovery look like for migrants? 12 actions for a recovery that protects migrant cultural workers and builds equity, solidarity and the leadership of the most impacted 

03 What are the structural issues faced by migrant cultural workers? The Hostile Environment Policy: driving racism & xenophobia COVID 19: increasing hardship Brexit & the Immigration Bill: fueling discrimination & precarity

The document, including 12 actions for recovery, has been authored by a coalition of 30 migrant-led organisations, networks, and freelancers and is grounded in demands collated from 120 migrant cultural workers who attended the Migrants Make Culture Activation Day in Jan 2020. 

AllOfUs Campaign, Asia Art Activism, Black Activists Rising Against Cuts, Black Womxn in Theatre ,Counterpoints ArtsCubittEclipse TheatreForeign Action Productions,  GasworksGlobal Voices Theatre Inc Arts UK, LAIPA_UK: Latin Americans in Performing Arts UKLatin American House, LegalAliens Theatre, (London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT), Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI), Justice Arts & Migration NetworkMarlborough ProductionsMigrants in Theatre Movement, Migrants OrganiseMigrants’ Rights NetworkOne of My Kind (OOMK)performingborders, Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) Culture Group, Sheba ArtsUK artists 4BLM, Unis Resist Border ControlsUnited Voices of the World Union (Designers and Cultural Workers)The3MillionThe Mosaic Rooms

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