end the hostile environment

download the pdf of the survey report here.

This report summarises our research and provides evidence on the impact of the Hostile Environment policy on the cultural sector in the UK. As a group of migrants directly experiencing increasing hostility in the cultural sector, we launched a UK-wide survey between May and July 2019 to collect key information on the experiences of all cultural workers, migrant and non-migrant.

This research report should be read alongside the following reports on the Hostile Environment: Corporate Watch’s ‘The Hostile Environment: turning the UK into a nation of border cops’ (2017) and Liberty’s ‘A Guide to the Hostile Environment' (2019)

Hostile Environments: Testimonies from the Migrants in Culture Research Report is now also available to read.

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Migrants OrganiseIndependent Theatre CouncilLIFT FestivalArtquest Counterpoints ArtsKeep It ComplexArtsadminArt/Law NetworkperformingbordersLive Art Development AgencyOvalhouseContact ManchesterMarlborough TheatreAsia Art ActivismPrecarious Workers BrigadeUnlimited, The AlbanyCulture+ConflictUnis Resist Border ControlsGasworksUnited Voices of the World 

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