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migrants make culture
together against the hostile environment
18 january 2020
raven row

In January 2020 Keep it Complex & Migrants in Culture teamed up to host Migrants Make Culture - together against the Hostile Environment. 

This was an Activation Day for migrants, people of colour and allies working in the cultural sector. We connected our efforts in order to resist the government’s Hostile Environment Policy and to build a cultural sector for us all to thrive. 

In Autumn 2019, Migrants in Culture released a report surveying the impact of the Hostile Environment on the cultural sector. Over 600 people studying or working in culture revealed their experiences. This Activation Day was our way of responding to these 600 voices, aiming to connect with and strengthen a movement able to resist the government's Hostile Environment Policy.

Thank you to United Voices of the World, Migrants Organise, Unis Resist Border Controls, Asia Art Activism, Counterpoint Arts, LIFT festival, Shubbak Festival, Season Butler, Performing Borders, Foreign Action Productions, NEON Movement Builders, Live Art Development Agency, Europa, Company Drinks, East London Cable, Raven Row, Unlimited, European Cultural Foundation, everyone that volunteered their Saturdays and more, and everyone who came. 

Photography by Alicja Rogalska

Read the full programme of the day here.

During the activation day, we also launched Hostile Environments: Testimonies from the Migrants in Culture Research Report, which is available here.

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