end the hostile environment

Public meeting:

resources for &

testimonies from migrant culture workers

Monday 20/9/2021

6 - 7.30 pm

Zoom meeting link Meeting ID: 819 5469 4911 Passcode: mic2021

Over this past year, Migrants in Culture has been developing a migrant resource pack. This ongoing resource aims to collect and connect existing sources of information and support for migrant culture workers. 

We’re calling this meeting, because we’d like to hear from you and learn more about what kind of support structures migrant culture workers need right now. 

Migrants in Culture has been reflecting, building, growing and connecting with border abolitionist and migrant justice groups. We want to gather to celebrate the many movements for change and resistance, who are currently building more equitable and open culture sectors. We will also make time to reflect on our experiences at a time of increasing xeno-racism, violent bordering and exclusion in the culture sector. 

Join us for an informal gathering on Zoom, bring your friends, your kids, your dinner, your pets. All migrant culture workers and allies are welcome! 

Email MigrantsInCulture@gmail.com with any questions or access needs, including childcare or translations. 

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