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migrants in culture - meet us by the watercooler 

We’re excited about the Border Abolition 2021 conference on 18-19 June!

The two-day online event connects organising, campaigning, activist research and academia on border violence, racism, incarceration and abolition. 

If you are a migrant culture worker* missing the informal moments and connections made at IRL events, we’re inviting you to a watercooler chat on 30th June, 7-9.30pm to debrief and connect.

Email migrantsinculture@gmail.com for the zoom link. We’ve also set up a telegram chat group we can add you to. 

Border Abolition 2021 is organised by a collective of academics, activists and supporting groups. You can find out more and read their safe space, translations and accessibility guides on their website. 

*Migrants in Culture is organised by people who self-identify as migrants, people of colour and others impacted by the UK’s immigration regime. We do not police who identifies with any of these terms.


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