end the hostile environment

Our survey is now closed.

Thanks to everybody who took the time to tell us

about their experience of the hostile environment.

We we will be publishing a report here in due course. 

The survey will inform how Migrants in Culture can take action to hold our sector accountable to migrants, non-white citizens and others being impacted by the Hostile Environment Policy.  

We want to work with all allies to ensure that we lead cultures that create welcoming, not hostile environments.

What is the impact of the Hostile Environment on the Cultural Sector? Your workplace. Your experience’ is a survey designed to collect key information on the experiences of all cultural workers, migrant and non-migrant, on the impact of the Hostile Environment on the cultural sector.

For the purposes of this survey, Migrants in Culture is examining the impact of the Hostile Environment Policy on cultural workers at the intersection between migration and race. There is no legal definition of ‘migrant’ in UK law. In this survey, migrant pertains to the following statuses: non-EU nationals; EU nationals; asylum seekers; refugees; undocumented; and those who have naturalised since 2010 (the launch of the UK Home Office Hostile Environment Policy).

This survey is supported by Migrants Organise, ITC, Artsquest, Artsadmin, Art/Law NetworkLive Art Development Agencyperformingborders, LIFT, Precarious Workers Brigade, Unlimited, The Albany, Culture + Conflict, Unis Resist Borders amongst others. 

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