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with for about

Migrants in Culture are participating in and partners of With For About, a conference produced by Heart of Glass and curated by artist and mental activist ‘the vacuum cleaner’ and curator and agitator Cecilia Wee.

As part of the conference, Migrants in Culture is inviting you to contribute your knowledge and experience to a series of four questions. 

The aim of the questions is to ensure our voices shape a change of the cultural sector grounded in social justice.

Your answers will contribute to the development of a Culture New Deal - shaped by communities of colour, migrants, disabled, queer folx and the working class.

Question 1: tell us what is broken.

Question 2: shape the future.

Question 3: help pull together our learning.

Question 4: contribute to resourcing the change.

This is the initial stage in this development process. By answering these questions and offering your knowledge and experience, you are part of a community-oriented and led research process for change. This process is called participatory action research. We are grateful for your knowledge and experience.

Please read Heart of Glass Safer Spaces Policy.

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